modul 21
We make mindbreaking films.

What is modul 21 films?

Modul21 films is a European film production collective that creates unforgettable films in different genres. We mainly focus on producing documentaries, as well as short scripted films. We love to cover a wider range of topics, such as extreme sports, traveling, cultural exchange and many more. Our goal is to inspire people and create a "wow" effect that will last a long time. We value authenticity and excellent camera work. We use modern everyday cameras and shoot beautiful content. Our family is made up of some of the most talented filmmakers, production experts, musicians, and storytellers. 

The collective is created by Chris Hartung, a young director from Germany who directed his own first travel documentary "Facing Down Under - A Backpackers Documentary", which has won the award for "Best Cinematography" at the International Travel Film Festival 2021 in Moscow.


Chris Hartung

Director, Founder

Silas Quiering

Translator, Writer

Carlo Seemann

Sound Engineer

Yannick Kloger

Graphic Designer